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Best of Panama 2004

June 29, 2004

The Farms
The Judges

Best of Panama 2004 - Final Results
Bags High
Est. Price
of This Item
Description Bid History Winning Bidder
PA101  $21.00  $19,445.16  Jaramillo Special  Bid History The Roasterie, inc; Public Market Coffee Co.; Groundwork Coffee Co. *
PA102  16  $2.30  $4,867.90  Café Leru  Bid History Stumptown Coffee **
PA103  $2.04  $2,428.66  Cafetales Doña Berta  Bid History Time's Club, Inc. & C-COOP
PA104  $1.92  $2,031.82  Café Don Pepe  Bid History Wataru & Co., Ltd. 
PA105  22  $2.15  $6,256.84  Lerida Estate  Bid History Maruyama Coffee for
Mikatajuku group
PA106  31  $1.85  $7,586.26  Arkapal Premium  Bid History Caravan Coffee Co.,Ltd. 
PA107  $1.25  $1,322.80  Sohel Café  Bid History KATO COFFEE Inc. 
PA108  14  $1.90  $3,518.65  La Victoria Estate  Bid History Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea 
PA109  $2.20  $2,619.14  Café De Eleta  Bid History Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea 
PA110  10  $1.26  $1,666.73  Gian Panamá  Bid History Wataru & Co., Ltd. 
PA111  $2.53  $3,012.02  Don Pachi Estate  Bid History Wataru for SHRUB 

*PA101Note: the winners of item PA101 have made arrangements to share the lot with other coffee companies. The following companies will each receive one bag of the winning coffee. The Roasterie, Public Market Coffee Co., Groundwork Coffee, Intelligentsia, G.H. Howell Co., Stumptown Coffee and Sweet Maria's Coffee.
**PA102Note: the winner of item PA102 has made arrangements to split the lot with one other coffee company. Stumptown Coffee and Sweet Maria's Coffee will each receive 8 bags of the winning coffee.

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* High Bid is in U.S. Dollars per pound.
Bag Weight is 60kg


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