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Best of Panama 2010


Carmen Estate Coffee
Farm Name: Carmen Estate Coffee
Coffee Name: Paso Ancho (1520)
International Jury: 84.24
Lot #: PA-16
Crop Year(s): January 2010
Variety: Caturra & Typica
Process: SHB
Elevation: 1700M
Growing Region: Paso Ancho, Volcan
Owner: Carlos Aguilera Franceschi
Web Site:
Cupping Notes:
Anette Moldvaer93.00
Floral berry. Complex, elegant. Well structured florals. Delicate spice.
Wendy De Jong91.25
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Tropical fruit. Yogurt honey. Sparkling. Creamy. Very balanced. Delicate floral.
Jeri Idso91.00
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Lemony floral aroma. Intense sweet flavor.
Jeff Taylor88.50
Intensley sweet. Honey apricot.
Barry Levine87.88
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Self broke. White wine dryness. Light and delicate.
Robert Thoresen87.50
Ric Rhinehart86.50
Damian Blackburn86.00
Mike Perry84.00
Fragrant. Nice chocolate citric. Floral. Dark cocoa.
Joe Hsu82.50
Honey, hazelnut, berry, nut, dry finish, chocolate.
Mamoru Taguchi82.50
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Clean. Slender. Beautiful.
Menno Simons79.00
Aleco Chigounis78.00
Shinji Sekine74.50
Dark chocolate. Sweet.
Tim Wendelboe69.00

Floral berry. Complex, elegant. Well structured florals with delicate spice tones. Creamy and very nice balanced.