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El Injerto 2012


El Injerto
Farm Name: El Injerto
Coffee Name: Pantaleon - Mocca
National Judges: NA
Lot #: EI01
Crop Year(s): March - 2012
Variety: Mocca
Process: Picked, depulped and washed by hand. Sun dried, special preparation.
Elevation: 4920 feet (1500 mts)
Avg. Temp: 22C
Avg. Rainfall: 1700 mm
Growing Region: Huehuetenango
Owner: El Injerto S.A.
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Rain Forest Alliance
Exporter: El Injerto/Servex
Mill: El Injerto
Warehouse: El Injerto
Web Site:
Cupping Notes:

The smallest coffee bean in the world with a huge profile! Beautiful bright tartaric acidity, red fruits, notes of honey, well structured body!

Hand selecting the Mocca Beans!


Bean Comparison! Maragogype, Caturra, Bourbon and Mocca!