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Grounds For Health

Announcing a New Kind of Specialty Coffee Auction

Inspired by the success of various specialty coffee auctions and the need for funding of projects promoting sustainability at origin, this auction seeks to tie the two together. Roasters will have the opportunity to bid on some of the world's best green coffees through the Stoneworks Auction system, with 100% of the proceeds going to Grounds for Health.

Bob Fulmer, President of Royal Coffee and an auction sponsor, says, "This project began with the intent and expectation that many players throughout the industry would get involved -- and the initial support and excitement for the project is truly remarkable. There are so many good examples of generosity in our industry, and this auction will provide us another opportunity to go the extra mile. It's our hope that this auction will belong to all in the Specialty Coffee Industry."

Auction Date:

Grounds for Health (June 2, 2009)

The auction will feature top coffees from around the world instead of coffees all from just a single origin as in previous auctions.

Samples will not be offered for purchase and therefore auction registration is free but you still need to be approved to bid by the auction organizers.

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More lots to be added soon. Cupping notes will be posted as soon as available. Check back often.

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A blog has been created for the auction, at:

Producers, exporters, and importers already committed to donating coffee are listed on the blog, with links to their websites. More will be added as they join in.

"We hope that once roasters purchase coffees through the site, they will take advantage of the opportunity to project a positive image to consumers and continue multiplying the revenue for Grounds for Health by doing their own fundraising promotions with the coffees they buy here," Fulmer adds.

If you're interested in contributing coffee, buying coffee from the auction, or have questions, ideas or suggestions, please send a note to the auction blogmaster at The blog will continue to provide updates about coffees procured, producers who are donating, projects developed, and other information.